RFID Blocking Wallet Holder - for Bank Cards, US PASS Card, Driver's License etc

The "RFID Defender" Wallet is very effective to block illicit scanning of your Credit and Debit Cards, Driver's Licenses, US Passport Cards (Be Careful: the US Passport can NOT fit the wallet but only the US Passport Cards), and other card format devices provided with embedded Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) Chip
Even if you have the cards without RFID chip the "RFID Defender" is a modern metal wallet with slim, compact, and convenient design for everyday use. It doesn't occupy much space. It needs only about 3 21/32(L) x 9/32(H) x 2 23/64(W) inch or 93(L) x 7(H) x 60(W) mm. It is lightweight 1.75 oz (52 g), as well. Being of stainless steel, it is really a "heavy-duty" accessory
It has touch of modern fashion and is pretty good looking for all ages. The polished models inside the lid surface can be used as a pocket mirror that is enjoyed by girls and women. Different finishes and colors may fit your collection that matches your dress and even your mood
The "RFID Defender" is RFID Blocking Wallet produced by well established and known factory having long cultural traditions and dealing with the modern equipment and products of high quality
The "RFID Defender" is a slim wallet that gets cozy hold up to 4 - 5 cards - our recommendation is to leave more space between the cards for easy movements. Many prefer the slim and compact models instead of the huge card wallets with a plenty of everyday unnecessary cards, which only occupy more space and increase the risk to lose them all at once

The secret to defeat the XXI century pickpockets, identity thieves, and other cyber-scammers is Metal Credit Card Wallet.

Today a plenty of Credit Cards, Driver's Licenses, US Passport Cards, etc. are provided with an embedded RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). The bad news is these RFID chips are not encrypted today and can be fraudulently scanned and cloned.

You are in danger:
your valuable personal data can be electronically stolen and cloned
- cyber-robbery performs without physical cards disappearance
- no physical feeling of robbery with no chance to block your cards in time

The good news is the RFID chip is passive and has no power supply. Its power is generated only due to irradiation of its antenna by radio waves. Defending your RFID against radio waves defends your property. To simply preserve your RFID cards, put them into a metal shield, which is impervious to radio waves.

Using the RFID Blocking Card Holder "RFID Defender" gives:
- durable defense against cyber-robbery
- comfortable compact holder for everyday use
- high quality stainless steel heavy duty card holder
- modern fashion, good looking, and stylish wallet

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